About Us

Who are we?

Praxis Veterinary Company was founded in 2000. It has a Veterinary Ambulatory Praxis in Zelino, and since 2009. and Veterinary Ambulance Praxis-Tetovo and Pet Shop at 63 B. Toska Street in Tetovo. Our company is an importer of pet food, various accessories, genetic material (bull seed), premixes, veterinary instruments. Practice offers: Clinical examinations and therapy Vaccination, dehelminthization Operating procedures – Wound processing, castration, sterilization Dog food.


Pets The saying “That’s what you eat” confirms the connection between diet and the appearance and health of your body. The diet of your pet with quality and balanced food is reflected in the appearance of hair and fur, after its light and cheerful, by condition. Food should be appropriate for your age, size, breed, activity and lifestyle. base or economic line. Poultry feed (parrots, canaries, pigeons), rodent food (rabbit, guinea pig, hamster), Transportation, Breastfeeding bras, Combs and other pet accessories

Domestic Animals – Livestock Veterinary Company Praxis is an importer and distributor of the highest quality genetic material (buckwheat seeds) from Holstein, Red Holstein, Brown Svis (Montafonec), Jersey, Flecky, Symentigil, Limousin Bell, Charole. We are representatives of the following bull seed centers in Macedonia: World Wide Sires-USA, Swissgenatics-Swiss, Genostar-Austria, Insemas-Slovakia, CUO-Varazdin-Croatia, We import from Turkey (Royal ilac), mineral blocks, We import Veterinary instruments and other livestock aids.